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Kyudo "The way of the bow" is the modern Martial Art of Japanese Archery


The South African Kyudo Renmei was established to promote the art of Japanese archery, Kyudo in South Africa. Our Senior instructors are members of the Redwood Kyudojo In California and we work closely with our sister dojo in South Florida - USA


Kyudo is the traditional Japanese practice that uses the act of shooting the Japanese bow for the cultivation of the person and the development of physical and mental well being. It is now a worldwide practice that has both cultural and sporting aspects. Kyudo places greater emphasis on the beauty of form, with accuracy being seen as an expression of correct shooting rather than "hitting for hitting sake" 

There is no combat in Kyudo and physical strength is not too much of a factor allowing anybody to study Kyudo.  


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APRIL 2018
TOKYO - Seminar, Grading & World Archery Tournament

Nine members traveled to Tokyo Japan to attend a three day Seminar followed by Dan examinations and a Tournament. 

Congratulations to the below students passed their grading

Michaels Scholtz 3rd Dan
Sean Cunningham 3rd Dan
Sandy hHerman 2nd Dan
Thea Muller 2nd Dan
Gregg Addams 1st Dan
David Rosenstein 1st Dan
Bata Paschier 1st Dan