At first you can lend equipment from our Dojo however as we have a limited amount of equipment to lend, you will eventually need to purchase your own.

All our archery equipment & Kyudo uniform are imported from Japan, there are various online Japanese archery shops that one can purchase equipment from. We will help you!

To get started you will require a:
- Bow
- Set of arrows
- Shooting Glove
- Uniform

As Kyudo is a Japanese art we wear Japanese training clothing specific to Kyudo

Uniform is worn during training, tournaments and examinations. We will get your sizing and assist with this.

Uniform differs from Male to Female, Junior to Senior.

Online Kyudo Equipment Stores

Store websites are in English and staff are able to assist you via email in English.

Select your equipment, pay via credit card and have shipped to your address or ask us and we will assist.